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Garbage bins for recycling Hi guys, this is not what you might be expecting to read on a typical weekend but I absolutely found it worthwhile to know the importance of the garbage bin and the convenience that it brings to our daily lives. The history of Garbage management. How did the garbage bins help eradicate the black plague and yellow fever? How was garbage disposed of in the early times, middle ages and modern era? This week in Invisible History: The first friction to spark. Domain: Essential Objects. Discuss the article here . Imagine the world without dustbins or trash cans. We daily pop the lid of the garbage bin to collect all the trash in our houses. The process has become so monotonous that we take these containers for granted. That is why I'm sure the first impression of this sentence is not very dire. But trust me, the world will tear itself apart if there is no proper way to dispose of the garbage.  People faced many epidemics and pandemics because of the lack of a p

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