Nitin Chopra

Nitin Chopra

Creator & writer.

Hey there, I’m Nitin and welcome to invisiblegenius.in

I'm a Son, a Brother, and a full-time Mechanical Engineer. Several years ago, I gave a presentation to show my friends what makes ketchup bottles really awesome! Fast forward to last year; I gave a series of short presentations at my workplace on the origin of straws, the amazing thought process behind the stethoscope, how one-way valve saved lives and helped in space exploration and coffee making in space. And I found that a lot of my colleagues were as curious as me, if not more! That's when I decided to explain stuff that seems plain genius. They encouraged me to start writing about such things, and it led to this blog. My goals were simple.

  1. Keep learning. Explore the world differently.
  2. Share what I learn with the world. I want people to see the world differently.
  3. Educate myself by securing a college fund. I want to learn from the best professors who share the same enthusiasm I have with science.

I explore the world with science and notice the things that have changed the way we live. That's pretty much it.

So here's the deal, read two articles on the blog. If you learn something awesome, feel free to follow the page on Instagram or Reddit.


Radhika Oguri

Radhika Oguri

Editor and Strategist

Radhika is a pragmatic optimist fueled by her passion for minimalism and visual storytelling. An English literature major, she is a ‘forever student,’ eager to build on the foundations of philosophy and psychology. She believes that mindfulness is the key to success - a tenet she lives out through her interests in meditation, sketching and painting. She loves spending time in nature, learning new languages, playing sudoku, reading and travelling.

She’s responsible for the edits and final touches on the articles.

Arati Dube

Arati Dube


Arati is a Mechanical engineer turned a product designer. She is fueled with her positive thinking and progressive thoughts for a project and completes it duly in time. A graduate from the University of Pune, she fed her hunger for curiosity with her product designing skills. She got the product designing skills from the Symbiosis college in Pune. She loves sketching, drawing, designing, meditating and reading.

She’s responsible for the cool logo.


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